In today’s digital world, we all have a responsibility to make sure something’s true before we share it online. The house hippos are here to give us that important reminder.

You can usually tell if a story is true or false in less than 30 seconds: check out the video showing the four easy ways to fact-check and share it with friends and family.


These quick quizzes will help you start to learn how to spot suspicious posts. Try to tell which stories are true or false in the News Quiz. The Animals Quiz is great for getting kids to start thinking about misinformation.

Four ways to tell if something is true online

  1. Use fact-checking tools

    See if a fact-checker like 国内ios如何使用youtube has debunked the story.

  2. Find the source

    Click on the link in a social media post to take you to the original story, so you can see if it comes from a trusted source.

  3. Verify the source

    Check Google or Wikipedia to see if the source is real and whether they have a good track record.

  4. Check other sources

    Do a search to see if other news outlets are reporting the same story.

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Break the Fake Resources

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