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web-based solutions

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At eInternet, we specialize in developing web-based data-driven applications that automate business processes, manage information, and provide interactive functionality to your employees and clients in a secure, online environment. For over a decade, eInternet has teamed up with small startups, large companies, government agencies and scholarship programs to help them implement technology solutions that automate processes and drive business.

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For almost a decade, eInternet Technologies has helped companies unlock their true potential through the conceptualization and implementation of visionary tools that help businesses perform.      

eInternet is based in the Mid-West, servicing clients nationwide. No project is too large or too small in scope. We treat each project with the same level of care and provide the same level of quality. We specialize in web and database design, business process automation, custom web solutions, and more. Our solutions allow you and your company to access information in real time from anywhere in the world.

We Work to Understand Your Business Needs.

We realize that every client that approaches us has unique business needs. That’s why we listen first, and work collaboratively with our clients to arrive at appropriate, customized solutions.

We Match Technology to Those Needs.
We won’t push a certain technology on you simply because we know it — we’ll choose the technology because it’s the best tool for the job.

Contact us to learn more about out how eInternet can help your organization automate processes and improve business.


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escholarshipsolutions.com    eScholarship Clients Include:国内ipad怎么看youtube




  • eScholarship is a cloud-hosted, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) scholarship and tuition management suite.
  • Scholarship Program Administrators, Schools, Students, Parents, and Donors can now experience an easy-to-use software solution that can be accessed from virtually anywhere with an internet connection.                                                                   



 葫芦加速器:为数字生活更添一份安全:2021-6-5 · 因为本软件的特殊性,无法通过苹果商店搜索并下载,只能通过安装包的形式自行安装,安装后需要通过手动设置才能正常打开本软件。请按如下步骤进行设置: 1.点击安装后,按home键。软件第一次打开时会提示未受信任企业开发者:请点击“取消”。

  • One solution to manage an entire operation: Manage CAD, Billing, Scheduling, HR,Testing/Training. GPS, Fleet Operations and more with Traumasoft.
  • Traumasoft's web-based integrated solution allows EMS operations to save time and resources, giving each department a snapshot of the entire operation.

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Featured Project

The Automation Solution for Incubator Kitchens




   Kitchen Owners/Managers can:

  • Provide automatic invoicing
  • Offer online applications and manage approval processes
  • Store insurance, business, and ServSafe documents (and receive auto alerts regarding expirations!)
  • Custom report on items such as client and kitchen hourly use, unpaid balances, coupons, and accounting
  • Send text alerts to clients/customers
  • 吐血整理,Macbook必备20款应用软件,满满的干货! - 知乎:最近有朋友留言说让小编推荐一些macbook必备应用软件,这不,macdown小编就精心整理了20多款有着不同用途的软件,自己用着还不错,现在分享给大家,整理不易,希望大家点赞收藏!一、广告拦截:AdGuard MacOS上的…
  • and more!

  Clients can:

  • Schedule kitchen space, studio, and prep time online
  • Pay for rental time online (including a pay now/pay later option)
  • Youtube视频下载工具下载_Think4v utubedown 2.1.3 官方版 ...:2021-2-5 · Think4V UtubeDown是一款不可多得的专业的Youtube视频下载工具,它可以很方便的下载高清视频和整个列表视频,以及视频的字幕等信息。 并且支持多种视频网站上获取视频资源,包括常见的youtube、Twitter、Vimeo、Face...
  • and more!