The A&S Learning Design & Technology team is a faculty support group created to collaborate with and support faculty as they explore how to incorporate innovative pedagogies and instructional technologies into their courses.

Dedicated to the idea that intentional and authentic decisions about course design lead to engaged learning for students, we provide forums for faculty to consider and apply these ideas, help develop individual and programmatic projects, introduce instructors to the wide array of tools and technologies available to them, and adapt both physical and digital learning environments to best support learning. 


WProxy中文版下载-免费代理服务器软件 v3.0 官方版 - 安下载:2021-5-27 · WProxy是一款简单实用的服务器代理软件,该款软件只能够在windows系统上运行,该软件不但体积十分的小巧,而且其使用方法也十分的简单,支持用户为局域网中的其他电脑提供代理



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