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As a school leader partnering with Prodigy, you’ll get:

  • Zero-cost training tailored to your own and your staff’s needs
  • An exclusive dashboard with progress and usage reports, from the student to district level
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Effectively engage students in 1st to 8th grade


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Boost learning outcomes and test scores for students with a wide range of proficiency levels and economic backgrounds

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Our curriculum-aligned math content is designed by trained, certified educators -- because high-quality educational content ensures a high-quality learning experience.

Prodigy's in-game math skills

  • Offer Depth of Knowledge levels one to three
  • Cover every major math topic from 1st to 8th grade
  • Include 1,500+ skills that adapt as your students play

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Unlock extra features and fun rewards to boost essential math skills for 1st to 8th grade! Play time is education time with Prodigy.

  • Full access to all game areas
  • 100+ pets, gear, and accessories
  • Extra in-game rewards and prizes
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Use our How To articles to make your math lessons more engaging and effective — from supplementing math content to standardized test prep; formative assessments to differentiation!

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