Black and white photo of protesters in wheelchairs by San Francisco City Hall with one holding sign with text We Shall Overcome


NAS挖礦教學實測完整攻略!挖QQQ好賺嗎?波賽頓礦工日 …:3/14 更新重要公告,「現官方正在進行版本更新,新軟體為 QLauncher , 僅開放少數用戶測試,之後收益也會大幅調整,欲加入者建議先評估自身使用需求」 由於Poseidon所發行的代幣QQQ在一片幣價低迷的氣氛中逆勢上漲,短短一個月已經漲了快一倍,相對也引起大家的注意,原來使用NAS挖礦也可以得 …


Headshot of Eugene Sivadas


Person with a backpack walking along trail with mountains in the background.



Bold Thinkers

Underwater photograph of a purple and green anemone in sand

Op-ed series puts SF State marine science in the spotlight

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Aerial photo of a large arc of small structures in the desert with mountains in the background

Studying a city that appears out of thin air

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Person on bicycle crosses a snowy intersection in Copenhagen


Professor of Geography & Environment Jason Henderson looks to Copenhagen for green transit inspiration.
A mother wearing a purse waving goodbye to a nanny holding her kid.

Study links rise in fertility rates for the rich to income inequality

Recent research shows that cheap home-care services might be helping wealthy mothers have more children.